Environmental background

Commercial Contaminated Land Insurance

Future Climate Info has created a unique alliance with CLS, to deliver cost effective and innovative Contaminated Land Insurance solutions.

Quick Facts

  • Cover For Remediation Cover for remediation costs incurred in complying with an envorcement notice served against the property in accordance with the Part II A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Cover For Diminution Cover for diminution in value of the property as a result of the identified contamination.
  • Optional Cover
    Optional cover for third party property damage and bodily injury as fixed price add ins (with no bespoke referral needed to add this cover to the policy)


CLS has created a unique ‘off the shelf’ contaminated land insurance scheme for commercial properties. This innovative product provides cover for commercial properties without the need for a bespoke referral process in relation to every case, which can traditionally be a time consuming process.

The CLS team of expert underwriters has developed a product which provides essential cover for commercial properties on a set price scale. This delivers clarity, ease of reference and efficient policy ordering for you whilst giving your clients peace of mind on a controversial issue, usually only covered by expensive tailor made policies.

Tailor Made Policies

Where you cannot comply with our underwriting criteria online, the CLS Express Team can guarantee to respond to your enquiry within two hours, so you can be assured of a prompt tailored response.

To discuss your contaminated land risk contact the underwriting team:

01732 753 910

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