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We have listed below some Frequently Asked Questions, if you can’t find the answer that you are looking for, do feel free to email / call the team to find out more, we're happy to help.

Quick Facts

  • Leading Industry expertise and knowledge
  • Step change in Environmental Reports for 2014
  • Addressing the real issues
  • Speeding up the process
  • Dynamic approach to risk modelling
  • Robust, innovative, and compliant

Future Climate Info offers 3 different packages:

  • Essential – Contains Environmental + Flood
    Meets the minimum requirements of the Law Society’s Guidance on Flood and Environmental Land (inc Contaminated Land).
  • Standard – Environmental + Flood + Ground Stability
    Contains all of the information from the Essential report and includes Ground Stability data.
  • Premium – Environmental + Flood + Ground Stability + Energy + Infrastructure
    Contains all of the information from the standard report and includes data on Energy & Infrastructure such as wind farms, shale gas exploration and HS2.

To order a search, visit the "How to Order" page to view a full list of resellers

  • Future’s team has over 80 years of industry knowledge
  • All reports comply with Law Society Guidance Notes (inc Flood)
  • Professional Opinion provided on all data not just Contaminated Land.
  • Comprehensive data analysis simply summarised
  • The markets most cost effective solutions.

To find out more about the solutions request a brochure or email the team

Please review the proposed ‘Next Steps’ included within the report. Should you require further advice, please call the team on +44 (0) 1732 755 180 or your reseller who will be happy to help.

It may be possible to revise a further actioned professional opinion free of charge if you are able to obtain and provide the following information:

Environmental Health Information

Information obtained from the Contaminated Land Officer within the Local Authority, confirming that they are aware of the historical site use(s) and have not identified the site, or adjacent properties, as needing prioritisation under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

If the property has been designated as Contaminated Land under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Contaminated Land Officer may be able to advise whether remedial works are being undertaken, or have been completed to the Council's satisfaction. It may be possible to revise the Professional Opinion upon receipt of official notification that the Council's records have been updated to take into account the remedial works, and classify the property as having been satisfactorily remediated.

NHBC Buildmark (or Similar) Certificate

For any such certificate confirmation will be required that contaminated land cover was included. Please note, from April 2007 onwards, the NHBC Buildmark Certificate included contaminated land cover as standard, prior to this date this element of the cover was optional.


Evidence from the Local Planning Authority confirming that conditions associated with any planning consent, requiring the phased investigation and remediation of the property prior to development, have been discharged to their satisfaction.

Building Control Confirmation from Building Control that any ground gas or stability issues have been satisfactorily dealt with during the development process.

Residential Reports | All Future Climate Info residential reports are produced and returned electronically within minutes.

Commercial Reports | Some commercial reports will be returned instantly, however some will take up to 24 hours to be returned, if they are referred for further action.

If your order hasn’t been returned within the turnaround times (stated above), please initially check your junk mail, as some systems recognise the order emails as junk. However, if after 30 minutes you have still not received your order please contact our Customer Services Team on 01732 753 910 who will be happy to help.

Essential Standard Premium Flood Energy
< 0.25 Ha  
> 0.25 Ha  
< 10 Ha        
Essential Standard Premium Flood Energy
<0.25 Ha    
> 0.25 Ha    
< 30 Ha        

Report Terminology

There may be further information in the body of the report to explain about a particular risk, for example where this might be helpful or relevant to clients.

A ‘PASS WITH ADVISORY’ may be given where there is no specific risk but where it may be prudent to consider further steps or consultations.

A ‘FURTHER ACTION’ will be given where there is a specific risk. Any Advisory and/or Further Actions will be highlighted in the summary on the front page, with more details given in the relevant section of the report.

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