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Premium Plus CON29M Q&A

30 October 2018

We caught up with FCI’s Geoff Offen and Terrafirma’s Tom Backhouse. Read what they had to say about the new Premium Plus CON29M.

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Watch the NEW Premium Plus CON29 Webinar

30 October 2018

Learn all about the NEW Premium Plus Report.

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Future Climate Info and Terrafirma Raise the Bar for Environmental Reports

23 October 2018

Two innovative environmental data experts join forces to create unique offering

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Junior Environmental Mapping Analyst (GIS)

5 September 2018

We have a vacancy for a Junior Environmental Mapping Analyst to work within our technical team. We are looking for someone local with IT skills capable of working with maps and data in a volume production environment.

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National Clean Air Day: FCI Reveal The Clean Air Hotspots

22 June 2018

Homebuyers concerned about the quality of air where they plan to live should consider properties in Wales and the North West of England.

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Commercial Seminar: Meet our Expert Speakers

4 June 2018

With less than 24 hours to go until we open the doors to our free London seminar on ‘Environmental & Transactional Risk in Commercial Development’, we’d like to introduce you to our four speakers who will be joining us on Tuesday 5th June.

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Free Webinar: New Air Quality Data within FCI Environmental Reports

17 May 2018

Future Climate Info (FCI) are delighted to invite you to our free webinar on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 at 11:00am.

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Future Climate Info Offers First-Of-Its-Kind Air Quality Property Risk Reporting

30 April 2018

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with EarthSense to include detailed air pollution data in all environmental risk reports for residential and commercial property transactions.

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New Look for FCI Environmental Reports

26 March 2018

Exciting news! The team here at FCI have been working hard to improve our environmental reports year on year and 2018 is no different.

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Free Seminar: Environmental & Transactional Risk in Commercial Development

12 March 2018

Join us, CLS and leading industry experts as we take to the road to deliver a FREE commercial seminar dedicated to helping you tackle environmental and transactional risks – providing you and your clients with considerations and solutions to move the transaction forward in confidence.

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UK Property Transaction Statistics, Geoff Offen comments…

26 February 2018

The number of property transactions in the UK sees a slump in January, but with first time buyer numbers at a decade high, Geoff Offen, Managing Director at Future Climate Info, reminds buyers and conveyancers to keep environmental risks in mind when buying property

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Free Webinar: Flood Misconceptions and Understanding the Risk.
Join Mark Bentley from leading flood consultants, JBA

21 February 2018

Future Climate Info (FCI) are delighted to invite you to our free webinar on Flood Misconceptions and Understanding the Risk on Wednesday 7th March 2018 at 11:00am. Hosted by Technical Director, Mark Bentley at JBA – the leading flood consultants, this informative webinar is sure to be one you wouldn’t want to miss!

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Environment Agency Flood Action Campaign – Geoff Offen Comments…

16 February 2018

As the Environment Agency has warned that intense bouts of flooding are set to become more frequent with the launch of its Flood Action Campaign, Geoff Offen, Managing Director of Future Climate Info, comments...

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Will ‘rain gardens’ help prevent flood? Geoff Offen comments…

23 January 2018

Geoff Offen, Managing Director at Future Climate Info (FCI) comments on Wildlife Trusts recent article in The Telegraph about building ‘rain gardens’ to prevent floods.

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Homebuyer Urban Flood Risk Report

9 January 2018

Our latest Homebuyer Urban Flood Risk Report shows around one in seven UK homebuyers have faced a potential flood risk when buying a property this year.

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FCI in 2017 - What a year!

21 December 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back at our year highlights and reflect on the great partners and resellers that we have on board with us.

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FCI Reports Now Available Through Thames Water Property Searches

11 December 2017

We are delighted to announce a new reseller partnership with Thames Water Property Searches as of today, Monday 11th December 2017.

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Will the new environmental protections deliver a Greener Brexit?

27 November 2017

Earlier this month, the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove announced plans to consult on a new, independent body for environmental standards following the withdrawal from the EU.

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Environmental change means conveyancing profession needs to guard against ‘Michael Fish moments’

17 October 2017

Geoff Offen, Managing Director at Future Climate Info (FCI) comments on the 30-year-anniversary of “The Great Storm” and the infamous Michael Fish gaffe

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FCI Roadshows: Meet Our Expert Speakers

28 September 2017

Four industry experts, three locations, three dates… FCI take to the road to bring you an informative event about how and why further actions are triggered in environmental reports as well as providing clear and definitive advice on the next steps.

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FCI-JBA Report Review: A Reliable Further Action Flood Risk Service

25 September 2017

Following our partnership with JBA – the leading flood consultancy, we’ve reviewed our Specialist Flood Risk Services and reduced the price of the Report Review from £149 to £99 (excluding VAT).

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Cracking new data: FCI introduces Subsidence Risk Rating

1 September 2017

With the British Geological Survey (BGS) estimating that 1 in 5 homes are at risk of being affected by shrink/swell subsidence, we’re delighted to announce that FCI Standard and Premium reports will now include exclusive subsidence claims data from Property Assure as of Friday 1st September.

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UK Transportation Developments: What Do We Know?
By Connor Bowman - Junior GIS Analyst at Future Climate Info

2 August 2017

Transportation… It’s key for a thriving country and enabling economic growth.

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FCI Add SafeMove to Growing Reseller Portfolio

28 July 2017

We're delighted to announce that all FCI environmental reports will now be available through SafeMove, a trading arm of Yorkshire Water.

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It's our birthday! Happy 3 Years Future Climate Info

21 July 2017

As we celebrate 3 successful years in the market, we look back at what we’ve achieved along the way…

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FCI add new flood risk thumbnails to all environmental reports

18 July 2017

We’re pleased to announce that as of today, Tuesday 18th July 2017, individual flood risk thumbnail maps will be added to all our environmental reports, giving a much cleaner presentation of the potential flood risks.

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Webinar: The Future of UK Tranportation Development

14 July 2017

Future Climate Info (FCI) are delighted to invite you to our free 30 minute webinar on The Future of UK Transportation Developments on Tuesday 1st August at 11:00am. Hosted by Connor Bowman GIS Analyst at FCI, and Lucy Fermor, Account Manager at FCI.

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Good news! We’ve added Air Quality Data to all FCI environmental reports

15 June 2017

As of today, Thursday 15th June 2017, air quality data will be included in all Future Climate Info (FCI) environmental reports at no extra cost.

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Free Webinar: The Impact of Fracking and What the Future Holds

5 June 2017

We’d like to invite you to our free webinar on The Impact of Fracking and What the Future Holds on Wednesday 21st June at 11:00am.

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The Next Steps For Flood Risk

24 May 2017

Since launching our new FCI-JBA Specialist Flood Risk Services on 2nd March 2017, we’ve been gathering and incorporating feedback to refine the new value-added flood further action service for the benefit of our clients and their clients.

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Fracking – its reputation precedes itself. But is it really as bad as we think?

10 May 2017

In April 2017 activists in Lancashire lost their high court bid to stop the proposed fracking in Fylde.

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Lower Thames Crossing: Location C gets approval

21 April 2017

Plans for a new Lower Thames Crossing were revealed on Wednesday 12th April by Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling.

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Flood Seminar: Everything you need to know

15 March 2017

What a success! Our Flood Seminar took place at St. Paul’s House in London on Thursday 2nd March 2017 and we’re so pleased with the feedback we have received so far. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we wanted to provide you with a little insight that was shared by our three speakers on the day.

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Flood Seminar: Dr Maxine Zaidman

15 March 2017

Our first speaker of the day was Dr Maxine Zaidman from JBA Consulting talking all about the hidden perils of groundwater. Maxine is a hydrologist specialising in flood and drought risk management and her role as Technical Director for JBA’s consulting arm involves providing engineering and science consultancy to the water and environmental protection sectors.

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Flood Seminar: Dr Clive Edmonds

15 March 2017

Our second speaker at our Flood Seminar was Dr Clive Edmonds, a partner at Peter Brett Associates LLP (PBA). Clive has particular expertise in land instability geohazards and the impacts of drainage and as a result has been called on to conduct high-profile evaluations across the length and breadth of the country.

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Flood Seminar: Harriet Boughton

15 March 2017

Our third and final speaker at our Flood Seminar was Harriet Boughton, General Counsel and Head of Compliance at Flood Re. Harriet’s presentation consisted of everything Flood Re, from how Flood Re operates to how property solicitors can play a role in driving the scheme forward.

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Did someone say Specialist Flood Risk Services?

2 March 2017

Now we’ve got your attention, we have something very exciting to tell you… A new and affordable range of flood risk solutions are coming your way!

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FCI Flood Seminar, let the countdown begin!

28 February 2017

Get your questions ready, our complimentary Flood Seminar is only a few days away!

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Flood Seminar with industry leaders

7 February 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have now filled our Flood Seminar on the 2nd March, however due to high demand we are now running an afternoon session.

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FCI Flood Seminar

19 January 2017

Future Climate Info (FCI) presents a complimentary morning seminar dedicated to flood risk in its many forms, complete with breakfast and networking.

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New exclusive contaminated land insurance

16 January 2017

As from Monday 16th January 2017, we’re pleased to announce an exclusive suite of residential contaminated land insurance with the number one hub for property data and insurance, CLS.

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Let the countdown begin

20 December 2016

As we start to wrap up 2016 ready for the festive season, we look back at what Future Climate Info (FCI) has achieved in the last year…

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FCI lead the way into 2017

12 December 2016

So, January is just around the corner but don't fear, Future Climate Info (FCI) report prices are staying static just for you!

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New discovery: 49 clustered sinkholes in a 230-square-mile patch of land

6 December 2016

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First storm of the season: Storm Angus

21 November 2016

News just in! The government has announced that the controversial £56bn HS2 second phase project will be going ahead in a bid to boost the economy

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HS2 government update

16 November 2016

News just in! The government has announced that the controversial £56bn HS2 second phase project will be going ahead in a bid to boost the economy

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Future Climate Info lead the way with HS2

14 November 2016

Following the announcement of the new proposed route for HS2, Future Climate Info (FCI) manually digitised and added the additional second route to all reports in late summer 2016

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Ripon sinkhole - what do we know?

11 November 2016

Sinkhole alert! Twelves homes have been evacuated after a large sinkhole appeared in the back gardens of two properties in Ripon North Yorkshire

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Week one: Local Government Association flood survey

12 October 2016

So, we’ve revealed the big news that we’re hosting a FCI Flood Seminar on Thursday 17th November but that’s not all… leading up to the seminar, you’ll also see lots of flood related posts popping up every week so keep your eyes peeled! Let’s kick start by taking a look back at last winter’s floods…

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Largest Flood Event in November?

7 October 2016

We’re very excited to be partnering with JBA Risk Management to present a complimentary morning seminar dedicated to flood risk in its many forms on Thursday 17th November 2016 at the Culture Space, Canada Water

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Future Climate Info on board with ABI’s flood suggestions

29 September 2016

A recent survey conducted for the Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported that only 28% of homebuyers check the risk of flooding for the property and surrounding area

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Keep the frack out

28 September 2016

Barry Gardiner, a British Labour Party politician has spoken out about the party’s opposition to fracking

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The calm before the storm

21 September 2016

As the storm season draws closer, and following the success of the ‘Name our Storms’ pilot scheme, the Met Office and Irish Met Service, Met Éireann are calling on members of the public to suggest names for potential future wind storms

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All systems go for Hinkley Point

15 September 2016

News just in! The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has approved plans for the proposed £18bn nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, Somerset, the first in the UK since 1995

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Measuring The Swoosh

31 August 2016

Noise associated with wind farms has been seen as a long-standing issue, so when The Institute of Acoustics (IOA) released its report on ‘Rating Amplitude Modulation (AM) in Wind Turbine Noise’ it was definitely a welcome step forward for most. The report details what IOA believe to be the ideal standard for measuring ‘swooshing noises’ from wind farms and focuses on reviewing the science and determining a metric for identifying amplitude modulation

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Are you paying too much to view the risks?

12 August 2016

As we all know the importance of advising on environmental risk has become a bit of a topical hot potato in recent months. With the ever changing climate and adverse weather patterns causing havoc with many homeowners, it is now also providing equally high profile headlines with recent sinkhole and ground stability problems across the UK

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Keep calm and frack on

10 August 2016

Up to £20,000 cash payments to welcome fracking? This is what Theresa May is proposing… cash payments between £5,000 and £20,000 to individual households to ‘persuade’ reluctant families to accept the controversial method to extract shale gas in their area. Many have accused Theresa May of trying to bribe and silence the public into accepting fracking

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Post-Brexit Priorities

3 August 2016

Over a month on, the dust has begun to settle as the UK comes to terms with the verdict to leave the European Union. Yes, there is still some uncertainty looming but the new government has started to come clean about their plans for the future of Britain

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Sinkhole mayhem – what do we know about the A1 sinkhole?

21 July 2016

Sinkholes… They certainly are becoming more frequent around the country but what causes them and is there anything we can do to predict or prevent further holes appearing?

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FCI to launch flood reports with new high-resolution 5 metre groundwater data

10 June 2016

Future Climate Info (FCI), provider of residential and commercial Environmental and Flood Reports will be the first conveyancing search company to add JBA’s high-resolution 5 metre groundwater flood data to their reports in June 2016.

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What the frack?

9 June 2016

Fracking seems to be a hot topic at the moment as North Yorkshire Council gives the go ahead for fracking plans – the first since 2011

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The future of FCI, an interview with Geoff Offen

1 June 2016

Geoff Offen, Managing Director of FCI discusses the past, present and future of the company

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Is the UK on a slippery slope with sinkholes?

10 March 2016

The occurrence of sinkholes in the UK is becoming more and more frequent, and the data suggests that this trend will continue

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Flooding – Facts, Figures, Flood Re and the future

2 February 2016

  • 100 Years - December 2015 was the wettest month seen by the UK in over 100 years, with rainfall 91% above the average. [1]
  • 5 Named Storms - Five named storms have hit the UK since November.Desmond and Frank were the most severe, causing flooding across the North / North West of the UK.
  • £1.3 Billion - Estimates from the Association of British Insurers(ABI) have put the total payouts from the three storms at £1.3bn. [2]
  • 20,000 Claims - The flooding has led to over 20,000 flood claims, including over 5,000 claims by businesses. [2]
  • £50,000 – The average cost of each domestic flooding claim is at £50,000. [2]

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Announcement! New Refinements to FCI’s Environmental Reports

3 December 2015

FCI are delighted to announce a number of refinements to their Environmental Reports

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Six Pump Court Environmental Law Seminar

5 November 2015

Future Climate Info’s (“FCI”’s) Philip Wilbourn speaks at Six Pump Court Environmental Law Seminar

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Back to the Past

2 November 2015

Before Future Climate Info...

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Back to the Future

21 October 2015

The Future is now

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No Other Environmental Report gives you what Future Climate Info does from just £39 +VAT

8 October 2015

For peace of mind, Future Climate Info (FCI) Reports are backed by £10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance

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In Focus: Landslides and their impact on UK property

14 September 2015

With climate change, the threat of bigger and more frequent landslides is growing

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In Focus: Sinkholes and the Impact on UK Property

17 August 2015

With changing rainfall and ground water conditions, the UK is witnessing a dramatic upturn in the number of cases of ground collapsing through natural causes known as sinkholes

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Future Climate Info are 1 today!

21 July 2015

As we celebrate an incredibly successful year, we look back at the launch of FCI’s innovative suite of environmental reports to the marketplace

  • A Fresh Approach to Environmental Reports
  • Professional Opinions
  • Concise reports...

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FCI sponsor the incredible Gregory Porter International Jazz and Blues Festival

24 June 2015

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Future Climate Info teams up with TM Group

12 June 2015

Environmental reports provider Future Climate Info (FCI) today announces that TM Group (UK) Ltd is offering residential FCI Environmental Reports to its customers

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Flood of Testimonials for FCI Environmental Reports

3 June 2015

Future Climate Info (FCI) provides a market leading suite of residential and commercial Environmental Reports on Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure for due diligence in conveyancing. Since launching the reports in July of last year, FCI has seen key industry names wholeheartedly adopt these new products, and support for our ground-breaking approach continues to grow

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Gold Medal for FCI's 'A Trugmaker's Garden' at this year's Chelsea Flower Show!

19 May 2015

Future Climate Info (FCI) are proud to announce that – ‘A Trugmaker’s Garden’ has won the Gold Medal for best Artisan Garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show

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Property Search Group (“PSG”) Now Offering Future Climate Info Reports

18 May 2015

Future Climate Info is proud to announce that, after trialling the products for almost 12 months, PSG are now offering the FCI range of reports across its entire network of offices and their conveyancing clients

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Historical Sussex Trug design is revived in celebration of RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015

12 May 2015

A long-lost, traditional sweet chestnut and willow Sussex Trug design, is to be revived in celebration of The Trugmaker’s Garden - an Artisan show garden, which is being created at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015, by garden designers Serena Fremantle and Tina Vallis

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Contaminated Land - Wrexham Residents Win Turf War

23 April 2015

  • 18 households put on the Contaminated Land Register.
  • Contamination in the garden soil was caused by centuries old lead works.
  • Financial worry and concerns about resident’s health.
  • Residents faced paying costs of up to £10,000 each.
  • FCI environmental reports identify contaminated land issues.

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Cracking up isn't a laughing matter!

2 April 2015

Ground Stability issues aren't something the average homeowner considers when putting in an offer on their new home. It is more likely that thoughts will turn to BBQ’s on the lawn whilst the sun is shining, rather than focusing on what lies beneath the property, and this can so easily turn the dream home into a nightmare purchase

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Q & A with Philip Wilbourn

26 March 2015

The latest RICS professional information paper on flooding ‘Flooding: issues of concern to RICS surveyors and valuers (Residential property) 1st edition UK information paper (IP)’ reviews the transitional phases of legislation relevant to flooding and raises awareness for RICS property professionals of market risk – in particular that of insurability

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Flood Re

18 March 2015

What is Flood Re? Following the Water Act 2014, the Government have announced their plans to introduce Flood Re, which is expected to roll out in July 2015

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Future Climate Info Sponsor Artisan Garden at Chelsea Flower Show

10 March 2015

The garden sponsor Future Climate Info is keen to offer a sustainable life for the show garden after Chelsea. Therefore, many of the plants and shrubs from the Trugmakers garden will be replanted in the garden at a local children’s hospice run by the charity

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Pancake day already? That's really 'créped' up

17 February 2015

Pancakes shouldn't be the only thing you’re “flipping” this week

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Future Climate Info takes the UK Conveyancing Market by Storm

21 January 2015

Quarterly report shows a whopping 3% market share in first six months. Yesterday, Future Climate Info, provider of Environmental Reports to the UK conveyancing market, announced it has achieved an unprecedented 3% share of the national market since its launch in July of last year

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Slim Down For 2015

15 January 2015

New Year’s resolutions can be tough to stick to but Future Climate Info (FCI) is here to help. Many of us want to slim down after the festive period, but not all of us are successful

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What's in your Environmental Reports...

17 October 2014

Are your environmental searches… on average 7 pages long?

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