Flood background

Residential Flood Reports

According to the Government the Winter of 2013–14 was the wettest on record with over 7,800 homes and nearly 3,000 commercial properties flooded. In England, more than 5 million properties are at risk of flooding – that’s nearly 1 in 6

Residential Flood Reports - Now With 5 Metre Groundwater Data.

We are delighted to now include JBA’s 5 metre groundwater flood data in every Future Climate Info Premium, Standard and Essential environmental report for residential properties. The new groundwater data, which indicates the risk of flooding in every 5 metre square across the country, gives a greater level of detail and allows more specific reporting using a simple ‘traffic light’ system. By incorporating this ground-breaking new data into FCI reports it will add further invaluable insight into the potential flood risks so FCI can continue to provide the most complete and accurate data in the market.

Recommended Retail Prices

Recommended retail prices (excluding VAT) for our residential reports are as follows:


Properties < 0.25 Ha

£17.50 + VAT

Properties > 0.25 Ha

£35.50 + VAT


Properties < 0.25 Ha

£39.00 + VAT

Properties > 0.25 Ha

£55.00 + VAT

Also in this report



Properties < 0.25 Ha

£45.00 + VAT

Properties > 0.25 Ha

£85.00 + VAT

Also in this report


Ground Stability


Properties < 0.25 Ha

£50.00 + VAT

Properties > 0.25 Ha

£90.00 + VAT


All Future Climate Info residential reports are produced and returned electronically within minutes.

Professional Indemnity Cover

For peace of mind, Future Climate Info reports are backed by £10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance. Our PI cover can be relied upon by the professional parties involved in the property transaction, including the first purchasers and their advisers, and the first purchaser’s lender.

Why Checking Flood Risk Is Important

The climate is changing and during the Winter of 2013–14 flood events occurred in the UK which resulted in flooding to the Thames Valley, coastal flooding in the South West and flooding in the Somerset Levels. Thousands of homes and many hundreds of businesses were affected.

The affect on property values in areas susceptible to flooding can vary. In the past there has been a general misconception that over time, property values in a flood area will simply return to normal. In fact in some areas badly flooded in 2000, property values returned to normal in just 3 years despite the fact that the town continues to be under threat.

In December 2014 the Law Society revised its Practice Note providing guidance in relation to Flood Risk, providing more comprehensive guidance, and advising that the issue of flood risk should be fully considered during a property transaction. Our reports not only look at all of the flood risks from the authoritative sources, they provide full flood risk informational, without the need to purchase a separate report, including guidance as to the likelihood of obtaining Flood Insurance. Our reports are also are backed up by a Professional Opinion from a Chartered Environmental Surveyor, on the impact, if any, of flooding on the property value.

The Water Act 2014 requires that business owners be more responsible for mitigating the effects of flood risk on their properties. Future Climate Info report’s link to the latest guidance on flood resistance and resilience measures.

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